About Me

I’m Sajae’, a wife, and mother to two amazing toddlers. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work and a Masters of Arts in Pyschology. I’m a crisis counselor, trained in working with trauma survivors. I have always had this deep desire to aid in healing the hearts and minds of those who have suffered trauma. It wasn’t until I had my first child and noticed how ill prepared I was for postpartum and all it entails, the lack of discussion of how vital proper care for moms after baby is, that I felt this nudge and desire to bring about needed change in this area, to help moms and families during their own path in healing post birth and this is where I birthed Sacred Moments & Paths.

It is such an honor to walk alongside you, to be apart of your village during such a sacred time- your postpartum journey. My hope and goal is to aid in the empowerment of each mother and family unit, to ensure we set a strong foundation built upon the nourishment of mind, body and soul for mom, which includes a great deal of rest and proper nourishment so mom can focus on baby and healing, while I make her load less heavy, by providing services such as,       I want to bring back the concept of mothering the mother and calling upon one’s village to carry the load, so she can properly heal. Not everyone’s village looks the same, but I believe the village should include a postpartum doula.